about me

Hi, I'm Jamie, in 2015 I quit my "regular" job, paid £700 for an old builders van and spent a few months working with my dad to convert it into a home on wheels.

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I'd always been what you would call outdoorsy; you're most likely to find me up a mountain or at the beach, and although practically minded; I enjoy finding solutions to problems and creating things, I'd never undertaken a project on that scale.

I learnt pretty quickly to just trust in my decisions and to work hard and eventually I had a habitable van. It became my base to explore the wilder corners of the British Isles, wild camping on beaches, up mountains and in forests.

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But then things started to happen which I hadn't expected. Because I wasn't tied to anything, no job, no rent/expensive bills to pay, no deadlines imposed on me, I was suddenly free to say yes to things which Id always wanted to do. 

Now I'm managing (just about) to make a living doing the things I love, working in the outdoors taking people mountaineering and rock climbing. The fact that I learned how to live cheaply has also been a massive help!

Sadly, in February of 2018 my vans engine packed in and I was forced to scrap it. So for now I'm working away and saving up to buy the next adventure-mobile.

Until then I'll be blogging on here to keep my motivation up; telling stories of past adventures, sharing my plans for the future, and hopefully inspiring a few people as I go.

Thanks for tagging along for the ride!

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