About the van


Okay, so this kind of sucks but... at the moment I don't have a van (slanty face hashtag awkward)

My incredible and much loved "W"reg LDV Convoy broke down on me in Feb 2018 and was just too expensive to repair. So now I'm saving like crazy to get a new van!

You can help me by visiting my online shop or, if there's nothing there that tickles your fancy, by putting some fuel in the tank

about the old van

From 2015 to 2018 I owned a "W"reg (year 2000) LDV Convoy. It was big and loud and clumsy and ugly, and incredible!

For about four months me and my dad worked on converting it from builders van to rolling home, learning new skills, and making plenty of mistakes along the way.

It was just a bare panel van when I bought it for £700, but by the end of those four months it was equipped with sofa, pull out bed, full kitchen, plenty of storage, and of course, a great little wood burner.


It grumbled and protested when asked to go any faster than 55mp, but that was no great hardship on winding mountain roads, although I'll admit it made journeys on the motorways pretty tedious. But what it lacked in streamlined engineering it more than made up for in character and charm.


It racked up thousands of miles and took me to some incredible locations, gave me some of the best memories and opened my eyes a little bit to what truly makes me happy. Although I'm gutted that I don't have a van right now, the experiences I had in that old LDV are more than enough motivation to get searching for the next one!