About this website

It all started with a Facebook page...

In 2015 I decided to quit my "normal" job, move out of my rented house, buy a van and set off for a life of adventure on the open road.

When my friends and family heard about what I was doing there was an understandable amount of interest and lots of questions. Most of these were about where I was up to in the van build itself and what my design ideas were for fitting out a builders van into a potential home on wheels.

Instead of answering them all individually I thought it would be fun to set up Facebook and Instagram accounts for the van conversion and they could dip in and out as and when they liked. It also seemed like a fun way to document what I was doing so that one day I could look back at what felt like a bizarre period of my life.

What I hadn't been prepared for though was the speed at which these pages snowballed. Within a few months there were hundreds of people "following" the progress of the van conversion on these social media outlets. People offered me advice, mechanical diagnosis, donated parts, and most of all they inspired and motivated me to keep going when things got tough. It was awesome!

When the build was complete and I set off on my travels more people started to follow the pages and I was overwhelmed with messages of support from these complete strangers; offers for somewhere to take a shower or fill up my water tanks, and people just letting me know how much they envied what I was doing and wanted to do the same.

So I kept the pages going.

It's been an incredible journey so far, and now hopefully, as I blog about my travels and share my experiences, I can repay all the inspiration I've received from others, and inspire you to do the things that you really want to do, whether that's buy a van or a boat, or to go bikepacking or camping, or set up an online shop, or just blog about your daily life. Whatever it is you want to do with your limited time, I hope that some of the words on this website can give some inspiration to do it.